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Jane Taylor

My name is Jane Taylor and I have lived in a beautiful corner of South East England for all of my life. My house, and the home of my five beautiful children is where it all began, I created Taylor Made Cakes of Tenterden from home and it remains the hub of my thriving Cake Making business.

I am fully insured and registered with my local authority and I am very proud of my high standards.

When Taylor Made Cakes of Tenterden took off, its success was a very pleasant but unexpected surprise – my creations were suddenly in high demand and I was making money doing something that I loved to do, What could be better?!
The eventual question that cropped up along side my success was “what is the next step? How can I expand this and use it to help other bakers all over the world share in the success that I was achieving?”

Helping others to succeed in this competitive but open industry became THE main focus and truly what it is all about for me. I found a passion in teaching which I never knew I had in me, and from there Taylor Made Cake Courses was born.

While I still bake for my local “fans” and accept as many orders as I can fit in whilst raising my family of 5 gorgeous children and equally as gorgeous husband, Taylor Made Cake Courses is where the real magic and my happiness comes from.

I am forever telling my students “If I can do this, so can you” and that is the absolute truth. I run my business honestly, there are no secrets I will not part with when asked, I noticed that this, unfortunately isn’t often the way other successful bakers and teachers choose to run their businesses – this is fine, each to their own, but for me, your success and watching your progress is what drives me forward everyday, determined to sell my courses and share the success. 



Jane Taylor


Baking Myths

Have you had someone make you believe you’re not able to do something or do you doubt yourself? Take a read through some of the Baking Myths I hear from you so often and read what I think about them!

Jane x

The Taylor Made Team

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I Teach – You Learn – You Earn

The whole idea of Taylor Made Cake Courses is very simple – I Teach, You Learn, You Earn. Nothing makes me happier than watching you succeed and being a tiny part of your journey towards your successful dream vocation, just like I have been able to achieve for myself.

Jane Taylor

Sharing Success Makes Me Happy

There is enough business out there for every single person who has the drive and dedication to learn their skills, practice relentlessly and succeed in doing something they LOVE for a living. I have absolutely no problem in sharing the “secrets” of my success, from recipes to business models and everything in between – If you want to know, just ask!

Anyone who knows me knows that hygiene and perfection are my super powers – having my business headquarters situated in my family home means that I am able to maintain my high standards and my family life all at once, in what is undoubtably a hard time for the entire globe, let alone our small communities. If you need help or advice about how to maintain your business in these troubling times – Just ask! 


81 Colonel Stephens Way, St Michaels Tenterden TN30 6EW,
United Kingdom

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